Thursday, October 16, 2008

glib talk

today, i celebrate my 2nd year in "JACM Software Services" company. yupi!!!!! until now, they haven't figured out that they hired the wrong person...hahaha (kidding aside). i super duper love my workmates (no malice ha!).

•thank you to my coffee buddies every morning and afternoon
•thank you to gio for allowing me to touch jud ko kay wala nimo gi-block ang mga file hosting sites.
•thank you kay john sa baby back ribs...i feel so special (teary eyes)
•thank you to my lunch shared ice cream and softdrinks
•thank you sa mga friendships nako sa hotel...for all the favors
•thank you kay manong delio
•thank you sa yema and munchkins ni beth
•thank you sa toothbrush mate nko, si shynne
•thank you sa DEV team: john, oneal, eric, charles, francis
•thank you sa QA team: ren, beth, shynne
•thank you glaiza (ortigas team)...mahaba-habang XMLs na naman eto
•thank you sa mga bosings
•thank you sa buong JACM family