Friday, October 10, 2008


"keep your words sweet in case there's a need for you to swallow them" -anonymous

Today, I am enlightened with how strong our words can be. I have always been careful. Mind over my mouth. But there are people that I don't get, will I ever?

Let me put it straight. Bringing up your past does not interest me. Just be mindful of posting in this interactive world. I will not get myself involve in a feud that I am not part of. I am just wondering how far will these public rants go on? Let's all be accountable of our actions. Respect begets respect.


shyn said...

bagang! kuyawa jud aning madam ui. pero sa us jud imong time zone ;))

klarilyn said...

ahahaha. next na nako ayuson

basta apilon na gani akong mga friends & loveones...humanda lang jud. kung ako lang, matulon pa man nako ug pwede ikatawa. gusto lang nako makakat-un sya ug tarong na pamatasan...absent man gud na sya sa GMRC class