Thursday, October 30, 2008

incy wincy day

waaaaaaaaa... i think im sad :D (oh bakit may smiley pa?!)

truth is im not in the mood to crack jokes or share my exaggerated fairy tales today. i don't really know. this is bad! this is terrible! i suck when it comes to being sad.

i know, i folks would ask me "WHY"

besides the fact that i've been skipping dinner for more than a week now, i just have don't the energy today. i guess one factor of this feeling is my playlist (puro sad songs mehn!) or maybe its the weather. hmmmm...maybe it's the long hours here in the office or the frustrating workload loops.

my tear ducts are even experiencing abnormality! gawd! i'm not gonna cry...oh no not i (kanta yun di ba?). it's half of the day, i'll figure something out or i'll just make it through the day just like the usual.

coffee anyone?


shyn said...

madam ui.y so sad?