Monday, May 25, 2015

30ish checklist

Defy gravity
I am not a fan of heights but I like to push myself a little. So to date I’ve tried below activities that involved heights and massive amount of adrenaline rush:
  • Zip-line in Bukidnon
  • Cable Car ride to Ocean Park, Hongkong
  • Cliff jumping - last May 1, 2015

Go to happiest place in the world – yes Disneyland!!! It is every kid’s dream so until it is not too late for you to enjoy all the rides – go! If your pocket is on drought then try any Theme Park – Star City or Enchanted Kingdom.

I was blessed to be able to join in my sister’s company outing November last year (2014) in Hong Kong. My budget was a cut-throat risk. My sister’s expenses was shouldered by her company while I am shouldering my own - life is unfair at times! So I got my 13th month in advance and “lavishly” spent it on my very first out-of-the-country vacation.

And yes, my passport already has a manifesto! 

Push your physical limits. Run a marathon or join a triathlon.
I have lost count on the times I have joined a “Fun Run” and Walk for a Cause. I have joined a mountain bike marathon once – and it was kind of awkward since I was the only female participant. 

In all these events that I joined there’s one thing in common – I would really try to reach the finish line no matter how tiring it is. I experienced palpitations and shortness of breaths but still managed to push onwards. And then the next day I’d be wrapping myself with muscle pain pads. Hahaha.

Write a new poem
My poetry writing has been on hiatus for quite some time. So I am giving myself a challenge to write more this year.
Save Money
Finally! This year I was able to open a passbook bank account. After more than 10 years of working I finally figured how to save – haha! I am trying my best to be religious in doing a monthly deposit, avoid withdrawal transactions, and be debt-free.

With much regret, I should have saved and learned to manage my finances earlier. But it is not yet too late to start – so I am crossing my fingers that this new found financial wisdom will run smoothly.

Take an adventure or go on a girls-trip.
It is really my month I must say. I feel like all the elements are working with me.
1st weekend of May – I was able to go on a 1 day all-girls trip (Hannah, Gretchen, Ana Mae, Shek and special participation of Auntie Merlita).
2nd weekend of May – went to Maxima Aquafun with cousins
3rd weekend of May – went on a trip with boyfie’s family to Dahican, Mati
4th weekend of May – My birthday and I will be joining some friends in a garden resort

Be a mermaid for a day
Go scuba diving, snorkeling, or just simply swim in the ocean.

Love your body – get in shape
“Age beautifully” – that’s what I tell myself in the mirror.

As early as now I have changed my lifestyle by removing all the toxic. So “NO” to stress, anger, worries, carbonated drinks, fatty foods, junk foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and make-up. Wait, let me re-phrase myself – have moderation on the above things. All those will speed up aging.

Formula: love yourself + right food + enough hours of sleep + positivity

Reconnect with an old friend
Well, with social media this is no longer hard. Human interaction is irreplaceable! So let’s take our efforts up a notch – go set a deadline, meet up with friends and catch-up.

Checked – lat May 21 I met with my college friend that I haven’t seen since 2006. Wow after 8 long years.
Checked – earlier this month I attended the High School Alumni Reunion. Few came but at it was still a fun day to reconnect with friends.

Ask for a raise
No guts no glory! I already did this 2 years ago and for this year I have asked a raise for all members of my team. I am keeping my hopes up that it will be approved within the year.

Go an extra mile for romance
Checked – Night swimming with D
Checked – Bathe in the rain with D
Checked – Road trips with D
Checked – Star gazing with D
Checked – Wine date with D

Buy something totally frivolous, ridiculously expensive and utterly fabulous
Well I'm not a gadget-freak and a shopaholic.  I usually spend big on food, books, travels, and house renovation. And my recent gallant expense is the speedo snorkel - Php1,000+

Also, this year I plan to get myself tooth braces - that is really expensive so it's on the pending list for now.

Be empowered in service
I admit that I am not a church goer and I make up for this lacking with my community service in Singles for Christ. We have an in-going evangelization that runs for 13 Sundays. It has been my yearly commitment and the same this year I will dedicate my time, talent and treasure every Sunday.

And since I am a household head, I will also try my best to schedule monthly lower households and attend upper household plus the other activities.

Along with service is I have to be equipped as well so I will find more time to read/study the bible, read teachings and reflections, and grow my faith and knowledge.

Be available for others and leave an imprint in their lives
I know that it sounds corny but this is one of my strong beliefs. I live to SHARE. Life and Love will remain words unless we share it to others. That is why as much as possible I make it to a point that I spend time with family, friends, work, service, and etc.

This includes attending important events and milestones such as weddings, baptism, birthdays, celebrations and other important occasions. This includes happy days and sad days in the lives of other – just be there coz that’s what matters.

To date, I have 33 godchildren. This year, I have attended 1 wedding and an upcoming of 3 weddings within the year.

Read a book
This has been in my checklist years ago and I am glad that this one got checked off long ago. Good thing is now I have more interest in reading so I have bought more books to read.

Business Venture
This is the most challenging among the list. After long process of conversation and negotiation - I finally got the approval from my uncles and father. We will be constructing a 3-door building in the frontage of our house. We will have it for rent/lease. This will make our lot of good use plus the monthly income would help out in the electric bill and other expenses of the house (Yes! My pocket would be eased off from all the bills - hopefully) 

However, this requires me to work on all the requirements and details like the building permit, building plan, and etc. So the success rate of this business plan relies on my efforts. Okay Kay, fighting!


There goes the list! Actually there's a lot more to add in but a shorter list is easier to keep up so this is fine for now. And this "things to-do before turning 30" all started after I read some blogs: