Monday, September 10, 2012

cinema hangouts

A list of my recent cinema hangouts

The Expendables II
a kick-ass action movie with a full-house cast of 80's-90's action stars
i enjoyed watching the action stars i grew up watching
had a lot of good laughs as well
Bourne Legacy
A movie that is well-thought.
The transition of the story from the first Bourne to this one is stitched smartly.
I think, Pinoys did an overrated promotion for this movie because Philippines is one of the locations... but then it was all worth it. the movie was good. Our country wasn't falsely decorated. The street shots, traffic, and squatter area were all realistic.
And the ended perfectly in Palawan!

The Dark Knight Rises
In all Batman movies, he shows off his high-tech gadgets. In this one, I would give a hands down to the filthy rich Bruce Wayne.
The addition of Cat Woman added a kick into this movie...girl power!!!

The Amazing Spider Man
Peter Parker's story was told in a different way in this movie. 
I like this Spider Man movie rather than the previous ones.

Snow White and the Huntsman
I only watched this movie because of Chris Hemsworth -- nothing else, nothing more

Men in Black

Dark Shadows
I watched this movie alone. 
I cannot bare the thought of missing a Johnny Depp movie!!!
I always get a weird connection with Tim Burton movies...the beauty in this weirdness.