Sunday, April 22, 2012

titans and battleships should I start my rating on this movie. As much as I would like to give Wrath of the Titans a good review...I can't. Maybe because I have expectations of this movie coming from a very good prequel - Clash of the Titans.

The effects are great, hands down to that.
One factor that contributed to my disappointment is we watched this movie in 3D. I am not sure if the 3D shades is defective or what but it did gave me a bad headache during and after the movie. I should have watched in a regular cinema, I could have enjoyed the movie.

Second factor would be Cronos. If he is the father of Zeus and Poseidon, how could he be that so easy to defeat and I don't even get the point of his character in this sequel. His slow movements and shouting are all pestering to me. Then he got killed by just one shot. Oh boy! I've waited for more than 1 hour for that climax. 

Lastly, it didn't end with a BOOM. I can't spare it with an applause (like Transformers). It just ended simply and I just went out of the cinema not thinking or talking much about the movie.

This gets a 2 stars out of 5 from me.

Effects. Action Scenes. Smart Tactics. Movie Lines. Characters. Witty punchlines.
There's no unnecessary scene in the movie, I can't throw away any scene at all.
I like the irony when the lead character was asked on the difference between a destroyer and a battleship. He said that a battleship does this and that but the destroyer is way cooler.
But then in the end, it was a battleship that led their triumph against the invaders.
I like that the war veterans has a part in the movie - i love old people.
 So I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars.