Thursday, April 19, 2012

Holy Week at Estancia Resort

Just recently, this Holy Week, the Ibea family of Samal and Jaramilla family of Paranaque decided to go on a vacation in Tagaytay along with the Ibea family of Cavite. The first plan was in Subic but unfortunately, all resorts were fully booked. And that's why we ended up with a reservation in Estancia Resort in Tagaytay.

The family has been to Tagaytay twice while I has been there I think four times already. But this doesn't spoil the vacation because this will be the first time that we will spend a night in a big family group. Besides, wherever we are - it will always be fun.

After almost 2 hours of land travel, we reached Estancia Resort. It was Good Friday so the roads are less busy and no traffic problems for us.

The first look I had in the place, it gave me the impression of Santorini, Greece. From the receiving area to the hallway to the rooms...all seems to be Greek-inspired. It gives you the feeling of being abroad - in a far place that's quiet and new. And if you'll ask me the price, uhm its a bit on top of your budget. The rooms we got are 8,000 pesos per day (we got 3 rooms for each family) and you will be asked for a deposit of 2,000 of which will be refunded upon checkout depending if you have consumed any of the food and beverages in the room.

Yeah, I'd like to share that it was a treat from the Ibea family of Cavite so we were able to dodge those blinking 5-digit amount (8,000+2,000=10,000).

Available amenities are swimming pool, jacuzi, sauna, billiards, pingpong, playground, and more.
 a view on the top deck of our room
that empty seat has remained unoccupied for so long now

walking away and not looking back

The price of food cannot fall under the category of "affordable". For example a sandwich would cost you P200.00 - this ain't a reasonable price for a bakasyonista like me. Maybe because I am used with the affordable prices in Davao where my 10.00 pesos would be enough to fill my tummy. So we preferred to went out for dinner in Leslie's - famous for their bulalo. The place was jam-packed and we were forced to rub elbows with the other customers just to get that table reservations. Right after dinner we passed by 7/11 and bought food - AGAIN, and some drinks.

 arby playing with the curtains

 at Leslie's

 the girls
 the boys