Friday, April 27, 2012

fleeting day

i am not in a very good mood today. i am trying to deal with my mood swings and i am trying not to throw a tantrum. bollocks!

aside from constantly talking to myself, i figured a way to redeem myself from my infamous tantrum. i went to the supermarket.

yes, i did. you may ask on how come spending time in the grocery cures my insanity? haha! walking in the grocery aisles consumes my energy and checking on every product diverts my mind. you would actually see me reading on the labels, comparing prices, and just walking in circles - figuring out what i wanted to buy. the downside here is i pick random stuffs and stuck it to my basket. i didn't even mind having only P500.00 cash in my wallet. i just wanted to buy and get rid of something - something like money. as much as i try to avoid using my debit card - oh well today i did.