Friday, April 13, 2012

airport hustle bustle

After a looooooong vacation, now I'm back at home...back to work. Since I am reserving the story of my vacation on a separate entry, let me just share my experience today at the Airport.

I have a 7:40AM flight to Davao. Around 6:00AM I am already at the NAIA as I am dropped off by my sister and her husband (thanks to the new Toyota Adventure). The first thing I noticed was the line in the entrance gates.

(zoom in images) Oh noooooo!!! I hate waiting in lines!!! But I can't magically transport myself inside and so I waited in line with no choice. (play clock ticking sound effects) Then for awhile I was inside the airport, I breath in and out then went to the next stop. 

(play wheels screeching) Ugh!!! There's another long line to the airline gates where I need to check-in. This time the line is triple times longer. And this is the part where I say the F word. BLEEP!

My eyes are rolling around, observing my surrounding, finding a way that I could escape this dilemma. 

(play sound effects of angels singing a-lle-lu-ia) There it is! A heaven sent electronic machine called "self-service check-in" ...if I remembered it correctly hehe. All I need to do is enter my ticket's confirmation number then boom boarding pass is printed out. Good thing I am a lite traveler because it can only be used by passengers without check-in baggage. In less than 5 minutes I am done. I'd like to jump and dance in happiness...put out my tongue to those who are still in line and say "so long suckers!!!" - but that would be rude right?! So I quickly went to the next stop in the terminal, grabbed a sandwich & coffee, then waited for boarding time.


(Airline crew announcing: Flight 5J 963 is now ready for boarding) I grabbed my things & coffee cup then lined up again. But this time it is bearable. When I handed my boarding pass to the airline crew I was in shocked when she asked me a question.

"Are you pregnant Maam?"

SERIOUSLY?!!! Could it be part of any protocol to ask all women passenger? I looked at my tummy bulge as I answered her with a No. Hahahaha. That was EPIC!