Monday, April 9, 2012

Poongsan (rare korean dog)

Why i love watching DONG YI
1. She acts childish and foolish. Her character gives me a warm feeling than those exaggerated-overkill characters in [some] Pinoy Teleseryes.
2. She's not afraid to take in all the consequences of her being curious and fearless.
3. She takes time...she waits...before she reveals her cards to the enemy. And they all stand in awe - defeated.
4. She collects proofs and the truth behind all her questions before she draws her sword in the fight. Then she patiently prepares a righteous scheme.
5. She accepts the pain of loosing friends and trusted people along her battles.
6. She doesn't hesitate in admitting and acknowledging her faults.
7. She moves on with a light heart.

Bottom line:
Some bridges are NOT meant to be crossed and some bridges are meant to be burned. Do not falter on times of pain and defeat if you knew that you have a better judgment than those who put their words above their head because "Big mouths are only holes to the deaf" (Armi Millare, 2010)