Monday, April 23, 2012

Slimming Toe Ring

I first heard about the slimming toe rings from my sister who actually ordered a set online. I don't think she already got the items though but in case it brings positive effects I'm sure I will hear it from my sister.

It's also affordable compared to other products. A pair of toe ring would cost you 200 pesos. So whether it works or not, it's safe to say that you didn't waste much money on a curious try.

I was intrigued on how the toe ring works its magic. I am not fixated with all the popping out of slimming remedies nowadays - from food intake, to juice drink, to lotion, to belt pads, to bracelet stones, to lypo, and all those wonderland of products. What clogged on my thoughts was how could a toe ring cause a person to loose weight?

How does the toe ring works?

With this diet plan, dieters purchase two acupressure toe rings made of silicone. These rings contain magnets, with 1100 Gauss to stimulate the pressure points in the feet and boost the power of acupressure. One ring is placed on the left big toe and the other ring goes over the right big toe. According to the manufacturer, these rings stimulate the pressure points on the big toe and second toe, working to curb appetite. Wearing the rings will also allow dieters to be more aware of their core muscles and causes them to use them more and make them stronger. Dieters simply put on the rings and wear throughout the day.

For more details, read here.