Thursday, February 18, 2010

pimp our room project

We are currently under house renovation.
FYI: Our house was built more than 50 years ago. My grandparents bought it in the 1950's. So there are expected casualties...and I mean termite casualties.

2010 Room PRoject:
-Separate rooms for me and my younger brother who's already 17 years old.
-Tiled flooring
-Air conditioned Rooms
-Repair walls, ceilings, replace main pillars that were already housed with TERMITES :1:

Old Room - cleared

Unfinished Room division

Tiled Flooring


Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

Wow an authentic ancestral home.I do hope you do keep some of it's original design.

kay said...

@Jade: too bad...termites consumed most of the house