Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am fascinated on how a person comes up with a unique theme or gimmick that would make them stand out from the rest. They leave a mark in my little childish mind.

One example is the Filipina who always bring along with her a "tabo" also known as dipper. "Tabo" is one of the symbols of being Pinoy. We, Filipinos, definitely knows and uses a "tabo" or even prefers using it over than a shower during bath. She's a traveler and she takes picture of her travels with her "tabo" signifying her Filipino race. I remember the pictures as unique and funny. Of course, I can't copy that all because I wouldn't dare to always bring a "tabo" with me. So I salute that Filipina for her humor and guts.

Another character in my list is Bianca Gonzales who is famous for her perfect tumbling shots. She has a wide collection of her perfect tumbling in all her travels. Go check out her blog. Then I figured that her thing is doable for me. It may be a copy cat gimmick but there's the catch - I can never do a perfect tumbling! Hahaha. I actually look like a falling frog!!! So just for the fun of it I decided to do a collection of tumbling stunts - PALPAK EDITION ^_^

At Davao People's Park right after joining a 5K Fun Run

During a tree planting activity

At Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Hahaha. I look like a dancing-drunken-woman that is about to hit the ground.
Frog Style

Found an ally

At Vanishing Island