Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#409 is the number to beat

Ako'y nababagot sa de-susing pamumuhay
Naghahabol ng bawat segundo
Oras ay tumatakbo ayon sa listahan
At natatapos ang araw sa mga ekis at tsek

Ako'y nalalangin ng sorpresa sa bawat araw
Iyong mga bagay bagay na hindi ko pangkaraniwang nararanasan
O di kaya mga bagong kakilala o bagong aralin
At nang matapos ang araw ko ng may ngiti sa labi


Last Sunday, I joined a Night Run for the Clean Samal Campaign of our local government. I was captivated by the event because of the people that I am going to experience it with. By the way it's my 7th fun run by count.

The farthest distance I completed was a 5K marathon. Later on I realize that I should decrease the distance wherein my body is more comfortable with - of which I can truly consider as a fun run and not a pain run. So this time, we registered for a 3K run.

Before the run started. Posing with friends.

At the starting line. This was the funniest starting line ever! It was more of a pictorial - hilarious!

Notice the participants in this division, mostly are kids and senior citizens. Hahaha. We call this 20% Discount edition.

 I'm the one with the backpack

After the 3K Run

 Photo Booth Moments