Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This marks my 200th blog entry. I feel like it is something special so I must write something special as well. But I've been staring in this blank page for quite some time and nothing comes into my mind. 
Then poof! Someone opened the door in my room --- one of my favorite people in the universe!

Jan Clinton - my youngest brother. It sound so cheesy but I used to call him as "my miracle". I hope he won't be able to read this because he will think he's so special - hahaha. Though we have an 8-year age gap, I think the constant togetherness, similarities and even the differences made us very close to each other. We don't tell everything to each other really but I guess almost everything. I find so much joy and happiness when I spend time with my brother although I get annoyed on his pranks and he gets annoyed on my mood swings - we know how to stir each others characters. We argue a lot because we intentionally do it to piss out each other. Both of us are always cautious at home for pranks that we might have prepared for each other - hahaha - crazy! Like he would place a fake centipede in my cabinet while I would edit my name in his phonebook and give him a prank text or call.

I could say he is my bestfriend - I guess. I admit that I spoil him when it comes to his whims and wants - oh well it makes me happy. Maybe because I missed or I wasn't spoiled by my older sister. I have never bought myself a pair of shoes that would cost above P2,000 but I bought him a pair of shoes almost P5,000 without a wink. I don't overspend on perfumes, I settle for those 5 bottles for P99.00 but for my brother I gave him an Armani perfume costing almost P4,000. But it's not about the money...it's about sharing the happiness.

Movies, music, jokes, adventure trips, bullying, food, clothes, fun runs, Naruto, Koreanovela, Bollywood and a lot more --- we share the same likes and dislikes.  We are both foolish and goofy.

One thing I am thankful for is he never (I think) complained whenever I drag him into thing I want to do. He is game! He accompanies me on watching girly movies, buying my clothes, doing grocery, watching the band I like, hiking for a dental-mission on a very far place, getting lost in Manila when we decided to just ride the MRT to its different routes, taking walks when I'm bored, doing the laundry together on weekends, talk about anything, and I have a long list of the rest of the things that I am grateful for in my brother.

He's all grown up now - his no longer that little boy I would embrace to catch all the hits when he gets spanked by our parents. Gone are the days that I would watch him perform in school activities and attend parents day in his school. But he still that sweet kid that likes to share the same room with me although we have separate rooms now, he often hangout in my room - annoying me. Now, there are so many girls in his life - friends and acquaintances. For some I'd like to raise my eyebrows but then I don't meddle with my brother's affairs. One thing that I am sure of is that he will favor his sister above the all 
--- because we are partners.