Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blackouts is not something new for us residents in the Island of Samal. We experience blackouts once in every while - its something we don't have control and we try to live by as a downside aspect of our life in a remote island in Davao Region.

Indeed no electricity is troublesome. More than five years ago, we experienced the longest blackout that lasted for almost a month. That was caused by a ship's anchor that hit the electric main line supply under water. But we somehow survived the dark days.

Can you imagine taking away all the comfort in your day to day life such as electricity? It's like going back to the cave man years dude! No lights, no television, no electric fans/air conditioner, empty cellphone batteries, and no water supply (faucet). Are all these sinking in to you now? Lately, the electricity supply hiccups are back. Boo-hoo! Last Friday around 7:00 o'clock PM darkness ruled over our house and the streets - Mr. Blackout has strike again!

As much as I would like to curse our local electric cooperation for being an a** on not informing the consumers ahead of time for the blackout --- I was somehow thankful. You see we enjoyed a candlelight dinner - Papa, Mama and Clinton, my brother. Right after dinner, we noticed that the moon was shining so bright so we cared to step out of the house, grab some seats outside, and shared a conversation. It seems that technology served as a hindrance for having a quiet time and quality conversation in our family. We were always glued to the TV screen every after dinner. And so I enjoyed that moment.

During the night to let some cool air come inside my room, Papa kept my door open with the windows in the sala opened as well. I think it was around 3:00 o'clock AM when a creepy feeling crawled over me that I decided to go to my parents' room and squeeze myself between them. I was such a scary baby - hahaha. It's been too long that I've shared the bed with Mama and Papa.

The next day was suppose to be laundry day but since the washing machine won't serve its purpose without electricity so we have to postpone that chore - YIPEE! Papa went to work for overtime, Mama hand washed her office uniforms, I cleaned the house and cooked lunch, and Clinton was all over the place - granting my commands and whims. I was able to take naps - note that I am not a "sleeper" so having nothing to do has forced me to rest. Clinton and I slept side by side listening to our kind of music (from his phone). On regular Saturdays, I would have watched DVDs and TV shows the entire afternoon or drown myself in the internet world. But it was different last week :)

Late in the afternoon rain poured. And because my brother and I are both childish nutheads - we decided to bathe under the rain. Soaking under the rain always makes me happy ^_^ So bottom line was I enjoyed my Saturday - I rekindled the feeling of being a daughter to my parents without my matured-naggy-sarcastic-ways.