Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 ilihan beach outing

February 18 & 19 - the very first team outing for the year 2012. Venue was at the Ilihan Beach Resort in Samal Island.

As always, everyone is excited. 

But hold your horses. Before I give you details on the trip, I'd like to snick in what happened the night before - on February 17, 2012. Okay, it was the 60th birthday of the mother of my very-close friends slash neighbors slash adopted family. Of course I wouldn't miss to be there in the party. These people are older than me by age but we share the same childish humor. And so we partied and by this I mean we drank, if my Math is correct, 36 bottles (3 cases) of red horse stallion and 6 bottles (1 case) of red horse Litro. Note that our group are all girls and this made it even more fun - the jokes, the dance routines, the karaoke, and everything. Went home at 2 in the morning :)

The next day I had to wake up as early as 6AM to prepare for the team outing. And as much as I would not want to say this but I did have a bad hangover - no! it wasn't a hangover at all (in denial)... I suffered dehydration due to non-stop vomiting and hyper acidity. Anyways, I survived it and was able to attend to the outing in a normal state but I spent the entire day mostly asleep. Hahahaha.

 Played UNO-STACKO but then it bored us right away.

In my hangover state.

 Here's the exciting part. The boys brought drinks - as I have agreed weeks before the outing and I even promised to participate in the drinking. With my bad hangover I have to resist the temptation or else - I'll end up in a hospital bed. Thank Heavens that I was able to say NO - consistently. But I felt bad skipping the shots so I decided to knock myself out by sleeping and pretending to be asleep.

 Hep-hep hooray game

Shots taken while we were grilling the BBQs

 Oh no! I just pose for the champagne-cheers picture but I didn't took a single sip. Good girl!

Pinoy Henyo game. I can't still figure out what we were saying/shouting in this picture. Hahaha. "Pamatay na litrato"!!! LOL