Friday, September 19, 2008

science project

I used to be a science geek in my primary and secondary years. I dream of becoming a scientist and discover something that would change or save Earth. I even tried to make my very own microscope made out of scraps, also read science books from cover to cover, and excel in Science quiz bees. Oh childhood! Well, the excessive intake of alcohol in my growing up years could have damaged my brain cells and now I'm just not that nerdy anymore. So the point of this blog is to reminisce my science subjects (boohoo!).

One of the unforgettable lessons would be Galileo Galilei's Law of Free Fall. Yes, the theory of gravitational force causing objects to fall on a vacuum with consideration to the resistance of the object. Just a mind boggler, do people "Free-Fall" or somehow resist the "Pull of Nature"? I just thought that when I took the fall I had no control of things, it just happened. I was falling hard and fast, I tried to resist and somehow change my trajectory but the result didn't changed at all. My hypothesis was to end up in some softer grounds where it would hurt less. I was wrong, the conclusion of it was I keep ending up on same vacuum point, over and over again. Could Galileo be wrong?

Next would be Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion: Reciprocal Actions. The famous "in every action, there's an equal reaction" theory. Who could have miss this lesson? Again, I do have some doubts on this theory (no offense to you Mr. Newton). Believe me that it doesn't imply in most aspects of my personal life. Let's take for example two entities: boy and girl. Girl gives out emotional and physical actions and yet receives no equal reaction from boy. So how does this reciprocal action really works?

I know, i compared concepts of physic with actual life experiences. So do you think I could still be a scientist? Hahaha. The important thing is I did my homework for today, post a blog ;) And for my dear science project, I won't be needing a compass for direction because you are my north and I won't have to argue with all these science theories because I make my own conclusions with you.