Thursday, September 4, 2008

counting crows

numbers make me sick, literally and figuratively speaking. O_O

i remember in first grade that i suck in the "as many as" lesson. crap! the '0' red mark on my paper zoomed in and out in my sight over and over again. that was an easy lesson, how could i not figure that out! more crap! i did good in school anyway ;)

want more 'back-to-the-past' memories? fine, a whole lot more of crap loads to come.

in college, i became a 'Houdini' in getting a 5.0 grade (FAILED). A 5.0 in your TOR is bad for the eyesight when you're applying for a job. It's like an unpaid debt that
will haunt you down for the rest of your career (i'm exagerating here). So right before my algebra teacher give me that grade, i dropped out of class. swoooooosh...whew! the problem now is the 9.0 grade (FAILED, which is better than FAILED. This is where my father comes in to the rescue, he manipulated my school records and permanently got rid of that 9.0 (off you go to the recycle bin!). And now I can have a clean start.

My nightmare didn't end there, too bad. Here comes my accounting class, which I really have to pass. Since the first and second generation of the family tree are all accounting grads, the pressure is on me (boiling hot pressure!). The subject failed to grab my interest (i have high standards..hahaha). I come to class only on Thursdays only, a suprise quiz day. Yeah, call it a surprise! I don't even take exams because I prefer the special exams in essay, which would only require me to answer in 200 words per question
(a whole lot better for me!). i passed anyway ;)

In my fourth year, our math teacher required us to create a program for special mathematical formulas, matrices, etc. Since I took up Computer Science, this is just an expected scenario. I have to take off my Houdini's robe this time, no more tricks on my sleeves. This was a different situation for me, i loved math this way. More love came when i created programs for my classmates in P300-600 for simple applications and P4000-10,000 for a system. Oh business is doing great! hahaha.


shyn said...

toink! mao na na.hahaha