Wednesday, September 24, 2008


waaaaaaaaaaa....september is almost over. im running out of days in the calendar.

i have this crazy but fun activity every year. i have to step on a new place once a year. 2004, i was in boracay; 2005 i was in camiguin, iligan, cagayan, bukidnon, 2006 i was in cebu and bohol; last year, i went to Lanao (right before the crossfire). and now the last quarter of the year is coming and i still come empty handed.

there's one place that comes to my mind. i really have to go to BATANES baby! i fell inlove with the place just by looking at pictures. i can imagine myself standing in the marlboro hills and sleeping in the stone houses. it's a perfect place for an escape and vacation baby!

so who's with me on this trip?! pautang dayon! hahaha


shyn said...

uban ko! or baka kamo lng ni danding anah ha.hehehe