Tuesday, September 9, 2008

mission accomplished

after lunch, i stepped out from the office. i lied, i didn't went to the bank. so i'm spilling out the truth in this page

i went somewhere else, to the Davao City Law Office. (kasalukuyang gumagana ang isip mo kung anong ginawa ko dun). Letter A. Civil Marriage? enk! Letter B. Case matters? enk! of course not! Sige enough of the multiple choices. Truth is, i have to meet someone and eventually talk about some concerns.

<<---Rewind Back to 4 Months Ago---<<

A close friend of mine shared about his dreams. (Itago natin sa pangalang "Ryan") Ryan is married with 2 kids. Like a typical family, they have struggles. He went abroad for their so-called "greener pasture". But before he left, he entrusted me something (oh how i wish na kayamanan o last will of testament! hehe).

Ryan dreams of his first love. His first girlfriend back in high school. This happens often and it bothers him. He wakes up in the middle of the night or early in the morning with all the doubts in his head. Why dream of her?

Here's a slice of the story, he promised his first love to wait. That he'll return or something like that. For sure it was of pure intent when he said those words. But that was way back in high school. They parted ways after high school as they pursue their college education. I can't put all the details after that, all i know is somehow Ryan forgot about the promise. And thinking about it, "Who would keep a promise like that? Or who would hold to such promise?"

>>---Fast Forward to Present-->>

I walked the streets of Uyanguren, in search of a Law Firm, not minding the burning temperature. A stranger directed me to this old 3-storey building. I went upstairs with neither idea of the person I am about to meet nor practiced lines to spill. I am welcomed by the front desk secretary and required me information. "Of course I can't give my name 'coz she doesn't know me", I said to myself. So I said I am Ryan's friend. As the door of her office opened, I started to hesitate. But there are no "take-two" in this situation, aja!

I introduced myself as Ryan's friend. (I remember my team leader's first impression on my job interview: "NO EYE CONTACT".) So I battled out my shyness and establish all the eye contact and I even shook hands with her. My eyes somehow strolled around and noticed the table plate "Davao City Lawyer". Heck! This isn't a normal confrontation! (Pwede maulaw? or pwede mo-exit na lang?)

Moving on, I told her about Ryan's dreams. I dared to ask if somehow Ryan caused her some trouble or anything alike? If he broke some kind of promise? (imagine her reaction!) I was in the middle of my fast talk when she offered me a cup of coffee. Okay, she's nice...way nice! Not that of what i expect from a lawyer. She said, "I know him as a good person. Tell him that I am fine, I am happy for him, and that he should be good in Singapore. There's nothing to be bothered about". Whew! I guess it was a mission accomplished.

To my friend, have a good night sleep ;)