Thursday, July 11, 2013

selfie in the cinema

Have you ever gone out to watch the movie by yourself? If yes, have you been into the cinema where you are the only person watching the movie?

I bet you haven't! Well oh well, I will pride myself that I have watched a movie yesterday all by myself. And this means I was the only person in the movie house. Hahaha. Thinking about it is a little creepy and stupid but I was out there to feel better. I wasn't feeling well for the week and spending more hours in my work desk would worsen my case. So I packed up my things and went out from work early. I picked a local movie because I was oozing with "jologs" hormones yesterday.

I decided to watch a movie rather than going straight home because it would make me feel better, really. Movies are some sort of remedy for me. In between the almost 2 hours I felt stupid because I cannot laugh at the movie I am watching because I may seem crazy to be laughing by myself. I even kept looking in the right, left, back and front seats to check if I have some company but nah - I was totally alone. Somehow it felt cool because it seems I rented the entire movie house for myself. 

When I went out from the movie house - I felt stupid again for being alone. Hahaha. Well, I enjoyed having a fool of myself.