Saturday, July 20, 2013

NOW could be Better than Good

To kill the traffic in my head, I stay awake because sleeping doesn’t help at all. Even in dreams I think of the same things that I think of when I’m awake.

While wide awake, its either I write or I watch movies. And since I got a long list of pending movies to watch – thanks to my dear friends who does the downloading part :) , I decided to watch this one movie until 2:00 AM. So,  I’ve crossed-out one movie from my list this month – NOW IS GOOD.

Okay, for a brief background here – I kind of like the type of movies where the protagonist dies in the end. The likes of Moulin Rouge, Sweet November, Devdas (Indian movie), Atonement, If Only, My Sister’s Keeper, Titanic (of course!) and the list goes on. So, as early as now you know that in the movie “Now Is Good” someone’s going to die in the end. Hahaha. SPOILER!!!

NOW IS GOOD stars Dakota Fanning whom I grew to adore since her Charlotte’s Web days. She starts the movie with the lines – 

MOMENTS. This is one. This – right here, right now is definitely a moment. Anything could happen next.

Those lines caught me. That was it! I was drawn to the movie.

Okay, it’s a story of a girl who’s dying with leukemia and before her time is out she creates a list of the “crazy” things she wanted to do before she go. The list includes drugs, sex, breaking the law, and more. Well, I get her – of course a dying person would want to accomplish something that a healthy person would do. Dakota’s character as Tessa is conventional. Her father is a cancer-freak who never gives up on finding ways that would cure her – he mastered all the about the sickness but failed to see his daughter. Her mother left, never attended any of her chemo-sessions, never witnessed her break down with blood gushing out from her nose. Her younger brother seems to care or not – he casually accepts the fact that his sister is going to die some day that is why she doesn’t bother spending time with him. Her best friend is her accomplice in fulfilling her list – she’s a little damaged – who accidentally got pregnant and wanted an abortion. So it’s a mess really. 

Then comes Jeremy Irvine’s character as Adam. He noticed Tessa. He spent time with her. He didn’t make her feel helpless because of her sickness. He made her laugh, love and alive. 

Tessa to Jeremy: “I was wrong. You can’t save me!” – Beautiful line in the beach scene!

Jeremy even made the most impossible item in Tessa’s list to reality – FAME. Tessa wanted her name to be written in the world so she wouldn’t be forgotten. Jeremy spent an entire night writing Tessa’s name in the entire neighborhood’s walls – that’s what we call vandalizing!

Then comes the dying part. There’s not much drama – not much difference with other movies where the lead character dies. The story was told in a simple and realistic view. By the way, the story did not focus on the list – she did not even fulfil it halfway. But for me, the most captivating part was Tessa’s conversation with her father –         

Father: He might let you down (pertaining to Adam)
Tessa: He won't
Father: What if he does?
Tessa: I'll still have always

The floodgates went down. I broke to tears – terribly! Yeah, I had my cry baby moment for almost a minute there. Bollocks! I guess so, things will turn out that way huh? Okay, moving on...

On Tessa’s remaining minutes, moments were flashing – moments in a parallel world where she’s not sick where she was able to take meals with her family, a world where she was able to spend more time with Adam, and a world where she witnessed her bestfriend giving birth (she’s the reason why the abortion didn’t pushed through). As these moments where flashing, these lines were told – 

Life is a series of moments. Let them go. Moments all gathering towards this one.