Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The "Red Letter Day" Hunting

Back in 2006 I have stumbled on an OPM album of a not-so-famous band of which I accidentally loved! I was able to get a hold of all tracks of their album Stop, Look & Listen.

I'd bet you haven't heard of them or any of their song. The band's name is Red Letter Day. :)

Because of an unfortunate event, my computer got reformatted years ago and I lost all my files including my oh-so-treasured music tracks. Until to the present time (5 years has passed na) I am still trying to find sources in the internet world where I can download below.

Stop, Look And Listen Album[2006] - Red Letter Day
1. Sana (4:31)
2. Carcinogenic (4:34)
3. Stop, Look And Listen (5:13)
4. Blunder (2:26)
5. Drift (3:39)
6. Only Me (2:53)
7. How It Feels (4:05)
8. Paalam (4:18)
9. Somebody Else (4:16)
10. Panaw (4:28)
11. We're Done (4:09)