Sunday, April 21, 2013

when CEO came to town

We welcomed the CEO of Advisen with a fellowship night. So we were all dressed up casually for the event.

 PHL Business Team

With JPerion, Sir RReyes and some of the Davao Dev Team

I shared a table with my girls but after dinner I was requested to sit in between the US CEO and PHL CEO (hihihi). I dragged my feet towards their table because I knew what awaits for me and my intuitions weren't wrong. When I was seated I was asked right away "What do you want Kay? Vodka or Beer?"
Holy crap! I have been sober for 4 months now and it was such a struggle to reach this long. But how could I refuse an offer from the CEO. I took a quick glimpse on the vodka bottle and I remembered that it was the same drink I had with the other US managers and Sir RReyes years ago - and that vodka didn't do me well at all! I had crazy crazy memories of it and I would rather not add more stunts. So I dodged that drink and chose beer. But they're serving "lights" and I don't drink "lights" so I had to make a special order of RH beer. Sir RReyes joked about how I liked the strong beer. Hahahaha.


And when the spot lights are not on us...this is what we are.


 and yes, we are all smiles in this photo

 then the bosses caught us....OoOps

 and so they joined in! hahaha

 then the elevator alarmed. we've reached the weight limit. PFT! hahahaha

 and so i stepped out with the others. shame shame shame. hahaha

bag full of prizes won and lechon! hahaha

Team picture taking with CEO