Wednesday, May 22, 2013

twenty and seven

I am only 27 for another 10 hours.

So what's with the number 28 then? Aside from I am 2 years away from becoming 30 (back's hurting with these numbers), it's the age that I have set a deadline. Well, this happened years ago because I thought 28 sounds and feels old. But now that I am only hours away from it... it's not really.

  • At 28 I hoped that I am already married with kids - but nah that's not seems the way it turned out.
  • At 28 I hoped that I have made huge changes in my life - nope! still the same things for me: same work, same home, same routines, same clothes worn - shirt & jeans
  • At 28 I hoped that I have stepped on different places in the map - I haven't gone outside the country yet and traveling has slowed down for me in the past years
  • At 28 I hoped that I am financially stable - no again. i don't have an eye-popping bank account, no business ventures, no investments and no properties owned
  • The the list goes on...

So what happened in the years in between? LIFE.

I've even made bucket lists and to-do lists and some were thrown to trash. Hahaha. Yeah, I am not very good with plans but I will own that bright future. I will continue to charge ahead - not in torpedo speed though - because I'd like to take my time as I look side to side and look back as well. What waits ahead for me is something to look forward to. And having something to look forward to is nice.

So for the last remaining hours of my 27th year in this lifetime... cheers! I am thankful. I am grateful. It is a humbling experience. And It is wait-while.