Tuesday, May 28, 2013

28 up

My birthday is always special every year. In all humility, most people are excited and they look forward for this day. I don't know exactly why but I just kind of get used to it. Every birthday is an extra-happy day for me. It's a day I get to see my friends, I get to celebrate with those who are dear to me, I get to read and hear compliments and acknowledgment from others, I get to receive gifts and surprises, I get an extra attention and extra love, and to put it to a simple thought - AKO ANG BIDA! hahaha

In Pinoy showbiz, Vic Sotto gets to celebrate his birthday the whole year round - he even had a birthday anniversary! And without any plans, this year I ended up having a 5-day birthday celebration. How cool is that right?! It's far from Bossing's 1 year birthday celebration but it's a close try. hahaha

So here's a brief compilation of the 5-day celebration. Enjoy!

May 22 - PRE-birthday special
Household and my birthday Honoring with Samal Singles for Christ brothers and sisters


 Surprise from Workmates ^_^

 Surprise from Manong Guard. Nah-uh...accessory to the crime lang pala sya.

 Flower Power Girl

Date Lunch

with the original team a-ba-ba

 special guest - Shynne

Thank you for all of your gifts and surprise. Keep them coming! I accept cash and bank deposits too. hahaha

 Dinner at home with barkada

May 24 - Beach Party
With the girls who know how to have fun. Notice how I smile in below photos - just happy to be with these girls.

May 25 - up dharma down birthday gift from D

May 26 - birthday with SFC CLP Service Team

wow! this will be a good read

hahaha. bulliest gift ever LOL