Monday, May 20, 2013

hello Benjamin

During the visit of our CEO last month, I was one of those who was tasked to present a report for our team. With my years spent in the company and the almost-daily calls with my US point-of-contact, I grew comfortable in speaking English. But hey, I won't match up with those working in the call centers believe me.

When I was doing the report to our CEO I was less nervous. I just have to bring my best-self and present to him what our team has been performing for the past years. In between my report, he would butt in some questions and luckily I was able to address them. I threw in some questions, team concerns, and jokes as well.

And so I thought it ended there. But our CEO gave us a surprise by giving out awards to all of us who presented a report. I was awarded  with "SPEAKING UP AWARD". Darn! This is a contradiction to my "shy-type" image. hahaha

Weeks later, we were given certificates and $100. Sweet!