Friday, May 3, 2013

come what MAY

D♥ gifted me these tickets!!!

So it seems that my plan worked. Hahaha (evil laugh). I've been talking about Up Dharma Down's gig in Davao like - "it's a perfect way to celebrate my birthday", "i'll ask my guy friend to buy me a ticket", "i heard they (UDD) will be releasing a new album in the gig", "i joined an online contest to get a free ticket", "maybe i'd go alone this time around", blah blah blah. Then he finally got tired of my blabber and decided to buy me tickets and even invited himself by getting 2 tickets. ^____^

Gig will be in Tienda del Mercado. See you UDD! This will another fan-girl moment. kawaii!  

And yeah, thanks D♥.... thank you for spoiling me. love love love