Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Pablo Experience

[Another late post]

The boat and ferry trips were suspended due to the storm signal no. 3. This is not the first time that trips were canceled. For a person who lives in an island and travels daily to the city to work, suspended trips is not a good thing.

I understand that SAFETY is being considered as priority during these times. But you can't take away the tantrums of a person who really wants to go home.

Early in the afternoon the suspension was announced.  I was not bothered by it. Because in the previous similar event, the suspension was lifted hours after. So I did not worry about it and continue with work. But then the suspension was not lifted, my brother and I waited in the pier for awhile. Since there's no sign of possibility we decided to head back down town to find a place to stay.

We turned things to positive. My brother and I decided to enjoy the stranded-experience. Boyfie has a place to stay - her aunt's house, so he won't be joining me in this experience. 

My brother and I rented a room in a dormitel. We shopped for clothes. We dined out. This seems to be some sort of vacation! The next day, rain is still pouring. I need to go to work so I showered and dressed up. Then I received a text message from our HR that work is suspended. Since the suspension of trips were not yet lifted, I don't have a choice but to wander around.

Boyfie's work was also suspended so the three of us got together and watched a movie, ate out and just wander around the entire day.

  View outside our room
Quick moment for a snapshot

See how calm the sea is and yet boat trips were not allowed. This pissed off a lot of people

Boat trips resumed at 7PM

People on board the 7PM ferry trip. MOB!!!!

PS: That was fun :)