Wednesday, January 23, 2013

perks of a clean slate (tabula rasa)

In my 2012 checklist, there’s an item that says [ ] Read a book and I am so happy to tell you my dear readers out there that I am able to accomplish it, finally – whew! Pat on my back. I admit that I haven’t read a book from cover to cover for years now. I get bored. My eyes get tired. And I don’t think I allot a time where I can just sit and grab a book to read.

In our 2012 Office Christmas Party, I sent a shout out to my anonymous manito/manita that I would like to get a book as a gift – “Perks of Being a Wallflower” in particular. Good thing is I did get the book! I acted surprised :)

I am interested with the story. I’ve read some good reviews about it. So the challenge was to find the eagerness to flip the pages. I must commit.

In the beginning, I found myself floundering. I could not understand what was I reading – nothing is sticking in my head. I have to read the lines multiple times. The words are actually dancing in a very scattered pattern. It felt like I was chasing or finding the next word to read. Eventually I caught up with the phasing. And at 12:30AM of January 23, 2013 I finished reading the book :)

Before I forget, I already saw the movie version of the book by the way. And just like what I expressed on the twilight movie vs. twilight book – the book version is way better! The movie helped though – it materialized the characters. It’s like I knew how Patrick, Sam and Charlie looked. But the book made me feel what the characters suppose to feel. There – just a small comparison.

The book stroked a lot of memories. I suddenly missed my friends. I suddenly longed for a get-together with my friends. And “remembering” the old days grew in me. I promise that I’m gonna write about these some time. I just need to sort my thoughts first – I am still overwhelmed with the checked off item from my bucket list.

Now, I am looking for the next book to read. These were some few of the suggested books I found:
Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto
Why we Broke Up by Daniel Handler
Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols