Tuesday, January 15, 2013

oh-peace xmas part-tea

Our 2012 Office party was on Casual Wear with format mimicking the local lunchtime program "It's Show Time" . Thank God! We won't be worrying on what to wear like in the past party that was on Cocktail Wear.

We were excited on the team presentations. We were confident and prepared. The best part was during practices after work. We totally had fun goofing around.

Then a surprise came. I was tasked to host the party. Goodness!!! This calls for a major outfit hunt.  I could look calm but in my head... different outfits are flashing in my head. And this is not a good sign because I might end up shopping. I don't want to add more year-end expenses. 

With the help of my friends, they sent me pictures of outfits that I could work on. Then finally I figured that I do have some clothes in my closet that I can recycle and pair up. And for the shoes... my precious suede boots will be coming out of its box for the 2nd time. 

Presentation  = check
Outfit  = check
Confidence = half-checked 
Gift = check
Room = checked in! since the party would probably end almost midnight and this mean I won't make it to the last ferry boat trip... i decided to get a hotel room. yeah! this party is costing me a fortune! hahaha

Here are few of the pictures from the party and the after party as well.

Blouse from Gaisano dept. store,  bandage skirt from Oxygen, watch from Fossil, suede boots from Payless, and accessories from random booths in Abreeza.