Friday, January 18, 2013

Blatant Narcissism

Okay, this is another day at work where we have technical problems causing unavailability of emails. Rather than ranting, I'd just blog about anything random. :) for today let's see what's inside Pandora's Box. Jeez! That thought just lighted up an idea! Let me tour you inside my pouch. Hey, I'm gonna warn you that there won't be fancy things 'coz I'm not a "Carrie Bradshaw" girl.

I love this Victoria's Secret pouch. Its casual and simple.

  1. Vitress Hair Protect
2. Eyebrow Pencil
3. Lipstick - Christian Dior
4. Nivea Lip Care - to avoid dry lips 
5. Maybelline Powder Foundation

6. Victoria's Secret Honeysuckle

7. Flash drives

8. Hand lotion

 9. Pocket Alcohol

10. Keys

I guess that's about it.


Kalile said...

Pouch palang.. Hehehe.