Tuesday, January 15, 2013


December 21, 2012 was a red-letter-day to me.

Loud and Proud to be a fan of Up-Dharma-Down. I've been stalking the band's schedule to come visit Davao for their new album promo - Capacities. 

Back in my college days...I already fell inlove with their music. I don't know exactly why but the lyrics and melody of their music felt like a therapy during my younger years. Some songs mirrored some few experiences of mine. Some songs strikes pain. Their songs are reality to me. Above all... I am a fan of the poetry in every song.

When the band officially announced their visit to Davao, I was gobsmacked. I was talking about their gig most of the time - seriously most of the time! Before I knew it, boyfie grabbed tickets for a surprise :) Oh boy! I was happy as a kid!

There was a featured band to perform before UDD - Hidden Nikki. It was almost 10PM when UDD appeared on stage. The crowd went crazy! I was trying to get a hold of myself in my seat. Although we only witnessed 3 songs because we need to chase the 11PM last ferry boat trip, I wasn't less happy!

Armi is as quirky as ever. The moment her fingertips kissed the piano keys... she just exploded! And I was lost in every song. That was a happy night :)