Monday, January 28, 2013


I was having the time of my life in the waiting list
Just letting time pass by

I didn’t mind of not being asked to the dance floor
I acted like I didn’t want to be bothered

A few did try to ask
I hesitated

I believe that the right partner would come at the right time
With the right music
And so I went on whistling

When that someone reached out his hand to me
I knew I heard the right song and our feet were made to dance

I took someone’s lead in this trance
Surrendered into his embrace

Forward and backward steps we took
Swaying along

The music skipped
My heart went out of beat

I realized that I have been dancing around for quite some time
The same steps, the same music

There’s nothing wrong with settling,
It’s not such a bad thing at all

And as I look upon those eyes of yours
I see the could haves and might haves if we both took the risk

The music went on and on, on and on
Will you ever take that brave step or not?

Now somebody else’s gentle hand is asking
And my defenses weakened

I felt scared
Could that somebody else want to dance in a new music and dance floor?

I would not want to entertain the thought
But we’ve been moving in circles
We’ve been very careful not to step unto each other’s toes
We’ve been holding each other but not feeling
We’ve been looking into each other’s eyes but not seeing
I would love to keep on dancing with you
I would love to hurt my toes when you take a wrong step
I would love to be touched, felt, and seen by you

And where do these words lead to?
Nowhere - Nowhere far from you

Forward and backward

inspired by "Take This Waltz"

This movie awakened my fear. It bothered me for a while.

This movie caught my attention basically because it's a Michelle William's movie! I loved her in the movie Blue Valentine where she paired with Ryan Gosling and she received quite a lot of nominations. I loved the truth and the passion transcended in the movie. No make-ups in the characters.  

In "Take This Waltz", once again Michelle portrayed a simple character but remarkable! A for impact - well, for me on that note.
It's a story of a wife who is scared to admit the problems in their marriage. She lacks the courage to speak of it. She tried to survive and go along as she has been in the past years. She longs for intimacy. She longs for a change in her marriage. But this doesn't put his husband into a bad light because her husband is loyal and nice, played by Seth Rogen. Maybe she got bored. That's how I see it.

When she met this guy who seemed to have awakened her curiosity, she tried to evade his presence. But her boredom sinks in everyday and her wanting of something -- something she's been missing in her marriage. So eventually she gave in and decided to leave her husband over the guy she met on a shirt-trip.

Just a few thoughts: 
If the husband just didn't let his wife take that short trip alone... it could have changed things.
If the husband took notice of her signals that she wanted to be touched and seen.
If the husband just took that extra leap of changing "the usual" things.
If the wife was just vocal of what she's been going through, it could have given her husband a chance to save their marriage.

“Life has a gap in it, it just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it like some lunatic.”