Thursday, April 16, 2009


Let's scavenge our wallets...
Tagging shyn

IDs - I still have my school ID in college, old Gov't ID, voter's ID, SSS, and Company

Community Tax Certificate

Singles for Christ covenant

Note from an old office mate, Genie
2x2 Picture
SSS Form
First dinner date receipt dated July 2007
Fortune cookie message
Civil Service form
Entrance Tax Receipt from Kaputian stroll

Old and new coins
Lucky bead from Yeng
Old Phone sim cards
Emergency sewing kit


Shyn said...

tsk tsk tsk.bad ka kay.guba akong wallet pero ge nlng. haha

kay said...

hehehe. ikaw ra gyud akong ma-tag :)

Pretsel Maker said...

ewan ko nalang kapag hindi ka pa nakilala nyan kapag nawala ka ahehe. Just nanging you my friend!