Wednesday, April 22, 2009

green-light district

I ♥ road trips

Running away, traveling, and taking trips have always been at the back of my head. Stepping on uncharted territories and being lost in streets is always an exhilarating experience. Living in the island, I am blessed with the opportunity of experiencing a lot of adventures. One of my favorites is road trippin'. With the wind kissing your skin, spreading your arms like wings, exploring thin roads, and reaching far far destinations. Oh I just love that feeling! ♥♥♥ I decided to spill out some bits of the rides of my life... There's no school bus or car pool in our Elementary School, not even in the whole Samal Island until to the present time. Most of the pupils walk their way home. Well, I am fortunate enough to have my personal uncle's bicycle. He gives me ride to-and-from school. I rode that old, rusty, squeaky, old-model bike until College days.
(the bike looks like this)

I even got to have my very first bike when I was about 3 years old (I guess). In high school, I had my mountain bike. I used to take bike hikes with Papa. Whenever I feel like running away, I took off with my bike. Now, I can only spare myself with few leg paddles because I think it doesn't suit for a grown up girl to ride a bike...(minus chick points eh...hehehe). But on very rare occasions, I still jump on my bike and conquer the rocky roads of our island with my brother and Papa.

Later on, I got hooked with motorbikes :) Back in high school, we practiced on Francis Paul Camino's motorbike every after class. My friends and I took turns and shared bruises on each fall. Whenever we got spare time, we practice. And as far as my memory can recall the motorbike looked like a hobbit.

It was fun! fun! fun! After exams, weekends, after class, and night time...we take road trips. We sure did gone far with those wheels. From 2 wheels...we shifted to a 4-wheel road trip! The bigger the group, the bigger the fun! Fhelyriel Capuyan's red truck was a devil on the road. He didn't mind all the bumps and road signs...a true adventure ride! Then drag racing - this became a hobby for my friends in college days. I witnessed all the betting, cop-hiding, midnight-escapes, and the danger of getting into an accident. Eventually, that habit stopped in the long run. At least I got to learn the "superman" trick!!! Asteeeeeeeeeeeg noh!

Since Papa won't allow me to buy my own motorcycle, I only got few chances of driving now. I can't borrow my friends' motorcycle as often as before. Also I don't have a license...I just make sure that the traffic committee has no schedule so I can have a blast on the road (hehehe). Lucky enough, bf has his own motorcycle. I'd still get to have my adventure rides!
I just love road trips...I will always do ♥♥♥