Friday, August 10, 2012

the brad times

A good boss makes his men realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could. -BRainyQuote

August 1, 2012 - Our KSQ Office celebrated a farewell party for a work colleague that is about to leave the company after more than 6 years of service. This person is actually my boss back in the year 2008 to 2010 - Brad Feld.

He was the Point of Contact or the U.S. Mirror of our team here in PHL. I was lucky enough to work with the man. Those years working under his brilliance did taught me a lot - professionally. I would give the credits to him on how I grew as a System Quality Assurance. Of course, I did received some "strict" emails whenever I fail to catch a system issue or perform less to what is expected from me. I always tried to make sure that my work would be satisfactory to him, I strive to be perfect in my work and excel, and whenever I get his acknowledgement -- it feels like I'm in cloud nine because it's not very often that a person receives a compliment from him. I felt that he has always encouraged and challenged me and that is what I would miss a lot.

I would say that he is a cool and very smart boss. Very hard working and continuously sharpens his knowledge by taking masteral degrees. I admire him - that's a fact. But in the industry we work in, change is something inevitable. So he received a higher assignment in our company and we parted our ways in the emails and internet messengers (YM, AOL, Skype). That's when I came up with having a song for him - "I'd rather have BRAD times with you", which is actually "I'd Rather" by Luther Vandross.

But this time, Brad is officially saying goodbye to our company. And as he was having his farewell party, we were able to converse shortly ^_^
[9:11:41 AM] Brad Feld: Kay its Brad I am going to miss your great work at Advisen!
[9:11:52 AM] Brad Feld: you are one of my favorites! 
[9:15:38 AM] Brad Feld: thanks Kay I am sad too but I know you will all do amazing things
[9:16:04 AM] Brad Feld: I heard about your song - I havent heard the whole thing but its very clever :)
[9:17:37 AM] Brad Feld: keep up the Advisen dream :)

[9:18:53 AM] Brad Feld: I do want a recording of the song though!
[9:19:09 AM] Brad Feld: maybe Glaiza can make a guest appearance
[9:19:27 AM] kayibea: yeah...that would be great. the Templates Three
[9:19:38 AM] Brad Feld: haha awesome name
[9:19:40 AM] Brad Feld: I love it

[9:25:23 AM] Brad Feld: going to be sad to leave but I will be in touch with everyone
[9:27:13 AM] Brad Feld: thanks Kay you too - seriously feel free to email me with anything
[9:27:19 AM] Brad Feld: be well!

After the chat, that's the time that reality striked on me. I have been in this company for so long now -- 6 years. I have received a lot of goodbyes already and I'm still not comfortable with it. It still makes me sad.

Here's a piece of his farewell letter:
I came to Advisen over 6.5 years ago as a mere adolescent. Today, I leave still as an adolescent, but one with a heck of a professional experience, new friends and family, cherished memories, and little to no hair left on my head.

I want to sincerely thank everyone for to contributing to all of the above (even the hair as some say it looks pretty good). There really is no family like Advisen and while I am moving on to hopefully advance my career, I will never forget the personal connection I have with each of you and will make every effort to keep in touch.