Friday, August 17, 2012


One of my ultimate dreams in this lifetime is to go on BACKPACKING.

The thought of backpacking has always made my entire being jump in excitement. "I can do that", "I should go try that", "I would definitely have the best time in my life" - these are just few of the things I tell myself whenever I come to think of backpacking. Oh how I envy watching those people in tv and magazines.

Backpacking in different countries, crossing borders, walking in unfamiliar grounds, traveling in public vehicles, eating foods that are new to my taste  buds, breathing in a different coast, looking up on a different sky, mingling with people whom has a different language, and just experiencing all of these... that would be a BLAST for me... top of my bucket list for sure!

Then I snap back in reality! Going on a "backpacking journey" would require me a loooong leave of absence from work and enough treasure in my pocket. And I just don't have that luxury you know. That's the downside in all this (teary-eyes).

And to cure my sadness, I spoiled myself with BAGS. Bags that I could use in case my backpacking dream would come knocking on my door. And most of these bags have encapsulations for my laptop - just in case I need to work on the fly while I'm on my extravagant vacation spree (wink).

medium-sized laptop bag. it's RED!!!
large-sized handbag

 large-sized backpack. this bag has come in handy for my previous travels

 extra-large backpack

By the way, here's a helpful tip for packing: