Friday, May 8, 2009

thoughts on rachel getting married

when we talk about movies, i settle more for indie-films or less promoted films. i found most of these films very interesting, heart-warming, uneasy to forget, mind boggling at times, and served simple --- closer to reality. some of these films are:
•and more more more. if you have movies to suggest, please feel free to share

for this month, i watched "rachel getting married" led by anne hathaway. i love to see her out of her fairy-tale costume and princess-like stories. its refreshing to see her so human. though her character is a little...okay largely disturbed. she's a drug addict that has a hard time accepting and dealing with her past mistakes, feels jealousy over sister, and find everything in her life hard to juggle around.

i dont know but i sympathize her, not her vices though. i just understand her. she frustrates her family often but she is still so loved.

fine, i'll spill some real-life details. my growing up years were tough. i felt that no one understands me and i couldn't spare them back my understanding. i closed my doors to these people i call "family", i thought that its not necessary to do some explaining, let them understand or just compromise with them. i felt alone and isolated. i took few wrong turns and even went back and forth to that wrong turn. but above everything, i put myself responsible for what i did and what i didn't. each time i recall on those crazy days now, i end up laughing at my old self not that i am better person now but because i just know better now (i think). i don't know what exactly was in my head back then. but i hardly remember it now...and i call it "healing".

i believe that everyone has something to heal in their lives. it could be in their past, present, or the bridging future. we all need something, someone, or just some...