Friday, May 22, 2009

knick knuckles

okay, i will enumerate the different nicknames people call me...

kaykay = most common
karla = exclusive for family, this was my first nickname (sosyal! di bagay)
kk = (pronounced as "key-key") my SFC bro/sis, it originated on our Lanao Trip last February 2007
bachuckay = exclusive for kevin, whom i call "bachuchev"
APO = college classmates who have fallen victim on my invented cult-like orison to call on my so-called friend dwarf who would grant them wishes. hihihihi...
madam = my "slasher" seatmate at work (imagine my daily torture and fright) named
teta = my officemate, and i call her "teto" in return. kwits!
'mare = hotel staff
sushi/munchkins/baby - when i'm on a "tampo" mood with bf
purangkay = my house name...shhhhhhhh
shan-kay = some people in the community, they can't forget when i joined a 'Feeling F4' contest and i played the part of 'san cai'yna = my kabarkada named "Gerald" calls me, he is my "Angelo" from the teleserye "Pangako Sa'yo"....hehehe. We love to reenact some scenes back in high school daystita-ninang = my inaanaks
iyay = my ate, i call her "iyay" also

Also, people often get my real name mistaken..."Klarilyn May"
-Marilyn (very recent, my eye doctor called me)

Anyway...i got an award from my awe-summm *slasher* seatmate

List 7 things that make you Awe-Summm:

I am awe-summm because:
1. i live in the island of SAMAL...feels like i'm on top of the world. whew!
2. i can make you smile or laugh...even with the expense of making a fool out of myself. i'll be glad to snatch a smile on your face...sometimes i get overrated na. hihihihi
3. i have my own way of making people feel special :) i love giving surprises
4. super ate, anak, ninang, kaibigan, etc...naka oncall duty 24/7
5. even i'm open-minded and outgoing in the outside impression, i remain faithful with my principles
6. super awe-summm for waiting for a boy for about 14 years...*duh! tagam!*...

7. hmmm....the one who will tag this will become awe-summmm too!!!