Saturday, May 30, 2009

23+1 = happy kaarawan

This is a late post of my 24th bday - May 23, 2009

in every additional year in my life, i make sure to make the most out of it! i had a blast as always! but this year is a special know why?
a. he finally proposed?
b. it was an all-expense paid bday?
c. i lose weight...hihihi

all right, none of the above! i'm just teasing you guys. hehehe. actually it was special because i welcomed my bday with bf. We stayed awake until 2am in the morning of my bday as we shared 2 bottles of beer (Redhorse litro). it was sweet because i got a kiss in public (cheeks lang po ha) but i'm not sure if anyone noticed. i won't spill all the details...:blush:

i am really thankful to my family and friends. they never missed to remember and send me greetings. i even made a special treat for the lucky-24th person to greet me, congrats! as always i cooked the food with papa and mama on the side. And my brother's "kakulitan" is a big factor to make my day. My friends came for the simple dinner and get together. I'm glad my inaanaks were there, I played hide and seek with them also! weeeeeeeee

we went to videoke after dinner and went home past 2AM. \m/

d'barkads :okay:

friend through thick and thin (literally! hahaha)

my little playmates: jas, jlo, thea