Tuesday, May 5, 2009

bad news - good news

I have scheduled a check-up today with an eye specialist. I waited for more than 3 hours for the doctor (1PM - 3PM), I can't leave my seat because I was on top of the scheduled list. Okay, I have to work with my patience again.

good news: i have 20/20 vision and my eye muscles are in perfect shape (BOOOO to the previous doctor who said i have -50 grade for my left eye)

bad news: i have meibomianitis

Inflammation of the little glands called Meibomian glands located in the eyelids that make a lubricant which they discharge through their tiny openings in the edges of the lids. The lubricant is a fatty substance called sebum characteristic of sebaceous glands.

Now I have to take fast medication to avoid operation. The price of prescribed medicines wanted me to cry out loud..."Lord...why?" hehehe. Papa said God is wise, He knew I have saved up some money. Amen