Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend DID list

•wash day...labadami!!!
•moved cabinets and boxes of old stuffs (right leg got scraped on a cabinet edge...OUCH!)
•gave our 6 dogs a bath
•haircut day for Fara (my dog)
•general cleaning sa mansion
•serious conversation with Papa about past, present and future tenses. hehe
•calamares...simo't sarap! nawala ang kapoy
Mama went to Davao and didn't came home. Clinton went to a retreat. So Papa and me are left at home with all the chores.

•recycled old xmas lights (na short circuit pa bitaw ko...buto! feeling kurentisyan man gud ba! hehe)
•climbed the tree to setup the lights (nagka pangos2x intawn)
•cut grass (de-mano ha!...kung baga...nang GUNA ko! Naluthan akong kamot...huhuhu)
•went for a quick visit in the cemetery
•fixed the lock in my room (panday-pandaot)
•shared a bottle of beer with Danding
•gave xmas gifts to the SIBOL kids of gawad kalinga

ANG SARAP NG WEEKEND!!! bahala ug daghan ug pangos...bahala ug pobre