Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the day i sat still

crap! yesterday, the rain poured in massive amount causing traffic, unavailability of public vehicles and flood.

it was late when i set off from work. most of the jeepneys have changed their routes to the south so it was an advantage for me. i got hitched easier than a usual day.

i was in the sasa area when i scavenge money from my pocket. it was when i realized i left my purse in the office. i tried my luck to find coins in my bag but i failed. so what's the plan now. i texted danding to head off first to our rendezvous so he can pay for the jeep. but then i texted him late, i reached my destination point without any penny. so here goes...i cleared my throat...

"manong, nabilin akong pitaka ba. wala jud koy coins dire" (i can barely remember if my voice was audible enough)

"naug na day"

gawd! busilak ang heart ni manong driver!!! i'm not sure if he murmured some words, i just stepped out of the jeep as fast as i could.