Thursday, December 11, 2008

bitter half

for several weeks now i have drowned myself with test scripts, spec changes, bug IDs, rush emails, templates, and more brain-wrecking tasks! this is my i hate it and tomorrow i'll love it again.

Forwarded Group Message from our boss: "You'll get your salary for the 2nd half of the month on January 5"

What?!!!!!!!! Crap! It was delivered bluntly like we can't argue about it. I wished it was brought up in a meeting to discuss the reasons or explanations about that silly message.'s just not fair! And so I'm pissed off...could it get worse?! Crap...truckload of craps!


Shyn said...

mao madam.shocking jud ai.perteng tipid ani.dugay au ta way work pero mapobre pud lagi ta. :(