Monday, December 15, 2008

a good find


Fingers crossed, let me see a meteor fall tonight
So I can wish with the moon full and the stars, bright
A kiss from the breeze, a lonely, but hopeful heart
Ever I be so silent, consciousness torn apart
a transition, my decision, my invention
will is my shelter and hope, my foundation
It's just a dream, but bigger than the sky
almost at reach, but always too high
simple in a sense, complex in measure
there's discontent, and there's pleasure
it will last long, but never permanent
inch by inch done, but not to it's fulfillment
too intangible, but truly is inconsistent
but dream, I can dream to my heart's content
a state of brilliance, greatness, and happiness
a temporary immunity to hopelessness
I see the stars, I hear my heart beat.
I feel the air, and the dying afternoon heat.
I am alive, in a world built by my pen
a blink, I am lonely... a blink, I am happy again.