Monday, May 25, 2015

oodles of years

I just turned 30!!!
 Now go pop the champagne and play Avril's "Here's to Never Growing Up" song
Wow, I have lived 3 decades and I still have that wonder in my eyes for new things

At 30 I have learned how to be happy even when I am sad
I learned to forgive
I learned how to pray
I learned to see things in a positive perspective
I learned to determine and welcome blessings over failure and disappointments
I learned that love is a reason that changes the whole picture
I learned that there's no easy way in life - no shortcuts
I learned that somehow we'll lose some while we gain some
I learned that we cannot carry everything that is why we need to let go or hand over to others what we carry... we are never alone in this life anyway
And there's so much more that I have yet to learn!

They say that 30 years is the "old-era"
No biggie - I will embrace it gladly
Whatever age it is, I feel good with it
I am just grateful for this beautiful life and for all the people I have crossed paths with and paved the way for me to become the person I am today
I am overwhelmed with all the love that the universe is sending me
I have my palms wide-open
And with this bursting joy it is impossible to contain it for myself alone so I am sharing the love to the people around me

So to this great life and my years to come - cheers!



Thank you to my friends who have spoiled me with a photo shoot on my birthday and sponsored my outfits as well (wink)
Love love love love love