Friday, May 15, 2015

mermaids in the making

(Insert "Under The Sea" soundtrack from The Little Mermaid)

Part of our May 1, 2015 adventure was the snorkeling and Taclobo-Watching in Adecor, Samal Island. Taclobo is a local term for Giant Clams. And as promised, here's the separate post.

After the experience, I fell in love. I am not a good swimmer, I can just float for about 1-2 minutes but that didn't stop me and my friends. After witnessing the magnificent world under the sea I think I'll be having more snorkeling activities from now on. It is a must-try experience and I am glad I have brushed it off from my list - things to do before turning 30 list.

Here are some of the almost a thousand pictures that are still not enough to capture the beauty of the sea - I am just lost for words.