Thursday, May 21, 2015


I don't understand how my daily life will be affected with the value of Pi = 3.14159
I have no interest in tying any relations to the trigonometry family of tangents and cosine

And why trouble finding x and y? 
Can't we just live with add, subtract, divide and multiply?

Yes, I have trouble in numbers - they dance and I get topsy-turvy
I hardly memorize my phone number and only manage to recall my Dad's in case of emergency


Okay, enough with the attempt of rhyming in each line. The point I am getting into is I flunk in Math - all its branches included. Sorry to all my Math teachers, you are not accounted for in my deficiency. It's just because. Somehow I was able to get passing grades in college for all the Math subjects although I took Algebra twice (haha).

But life is ironic. Truly is! Somehow Math found its way to me without me knowing. All along I was mastering some fields of Mathematics.

If Ding and I are points, we would be point A and B. No matter the space, distance, time and loops in between - these 2 points will always find each other. Points A and B will then traverse together to the power of infinity. That's my geometry! The branch of math concerned with the properties and relations of points.

Also recently, Ding and I have been busy with measurements as well. Meters, Feet, Inches and Centimeters. And I kind of find it fun! Yeah, maybe because I am motivated on the planning of our soon-to-be house. Ding showed me the layout plan, the materials to be used, the possible expenses, and all that. Numbers were flashing in front of me but I was unfazed.

So that's about it... just bits and pieces of my applied geometry.